12BET News: Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Locations to Drop

With the new Chapter 2 map of Fortnite showcasing a package both old and the new, we reveal where it is a must to choose as you hit the ground to maximize your game plan and get the best loots to grab upon in giving you an edge to win your matches. Witness intense battles at 12BET eSports and watch top pro players how they do it and learn!

Craggy Cliffs

Located at the northern edge of the map at E1, there’s a route of the river towards the left side and many buildings enough to cover those who sneak like a mouse and plenty of Slurp Kegs for healing. For escaping, boats are available within the beach to ride it through the river going to the west.

The van location for respawn is outside the parking lot of Fish Sticks restaurant, the biggest building.

There are 19 chests to look around this location.

Dirty docks

On the far-middle east plotted H4 from the map is the best place to be when it comes to sniping. With the orange cranes from its southwest, a good amount of high ground to get your spot, and warehouses to check for loots. If you’re looking for metal, this is the number one location to bag a bunch yet wood is very limited from here. Respawning holds in the middle of this location, and 31 chests waiting to get grabbed. Not recommended if your priority is building.

Lazy Lake

Actually, there’s nothing to highlight from this place, except with the 28 chests to be found. It would be easy to pick up all of it since having it more compressed rather than the other locations from the whole map, although gives the higher chance to be seen by your enemies as well.

The nearest boat would be located at the small lake at the waterfall area by the left side of Lazy Lake.

Its respawn van location is at the northeast edge of town.

Misty Meadows

For playing with safety, Misty Meadows’ place gives you the advantage you’ve been looking for. Due to its location at the bottom from the map and having a large lake on its top, your enemies would be having a hard time to seek for you just by staying at this place; they’ll need to swim first giving you already the opportunity to take your shot. Consists of 25 chests to look around, fishing by the lake as a benefit, and escaping won’t be difficult for anyone with the boat just along the lake. Respawn is at the bridge that connects each side of the town.

Retail Row

The returning favorite serves just OK this time. Neighboring Lazy Lake makes it a better location. The escape route from Retail Row is by using the power lines at the northeast end.

Respawn is at the end of the parking lot. 20 chests are waiting to be found from here.

Steamy Stacks

If you want to have some fun jumping around, go straight here located at the northeast of the map with two nuclear reactors waiting for you to jump in and launch you up from its core. Escaping this area is by going to the river or via zip-line from the power lines going down to the south. With 23 chests scattered around this point of interest, not all of the loot chest can be found inside the plant, be smart and go to the very corner of the map, and a good number of chests could be found there as well, while getting to avoid all players that love to go to the very center at the start. Its respawning place is on the outside of building number 2.

Sweaty Sands

With the most number of chests compare to other locations of the map amounting 34, Sweaty Sands can be seen easily at the west side right above Holly Hedges and left-wing of Pleasant Park and Salty Springs. Its nearby water heading towards the north provides an excellent escape route and cover as well. The parking lot from the west of the pier is where the respawn van is located.

Slurpy Swamp

Probably the best spot to land from the start, having the glowing blue river flowing out of the Slurp factory provides regeneration, or simply grab one of the slurp kegs for you to heal. Case scenario when you get to a fight in the early minutes and get knocked down, it’s highly likely you’ll survive anyway after healing within seconds, plus having 18 chests around is a good number to search for. Respawn location at the parking lot outside the main building.

Weeping Woods

Being near at the central point of the map and with the structure of the vicinity, it’s a good place to land considering the woods you can gather, and trees enough to provide coverage while preparing yourself up for building.

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