12BET News: Invictus Gaming reigns supreme at Dota Summit 11 Minor

Invictus Gaming took home the trophy after its impressive 3-0 sweep defeating Chaos Esports Club in the final showdown putting them a spot to battle among the top teams in the world at the MDL Chengdu Major. Experience unmatched gaming action with opportunities to give attention here at 12BET eSports!

Chaos had an early downfall right from the start of game one with its draft selection despite having heavy-damage dealers’ Kunkka and Templar Assassin in the front still wasn’t able to match Invictus’ Zhou Yi’s gameplay using Ember Spirit. Chaos did a fine job at least as they try to put them in track, although devastatingly struggled with the gap Invictus Gaming created in getting their items, Chaos had no other calls but to surrender as early at the 24-minute mark.

Game two had a similar look from the previous one wherein Invictus Gaming showed no fear in diving the lanes to get the kills; Chaos Esports wasn’t able to at least contain the aggressive play of Invictus Gaming despite getting their key hero picks to play.

CCnC did his best to carry the whole squad of Chaos in game three, unfortunately Invictus’ flyfly got hungry using his gyrocopter completely shown the power needed to keep their lead, and with Kaka unwilling to lose their momentum from the mid-game, Chaos just had to sit out from the fountain and watch the tree get destroyed symbolizing the end of their tournament, Invictus Gaming sending out a flawless victory.

Invictus Gaming is now headed towards the MDL Chengdu Major, only a few days away to start, where they’ll be able to get more Dota Pro Circuit points and the chance to increase their base prize earned after winning this Summit 11 Minor tournament.

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