12BET News: N0tail answered back on Doublelift’s comparison about Dota 2 and League

AD Carry Yiliang Peng aka “Doublelift” of Team Liquid shared his perspective about the top two games, Dota 2 and League of Legends, as he firmly believes League raises the bar higher in skills compare to Dota. Get the daily news from your top online games here at 12BET eSports and stream your favorite teams to watch them own their opponents while you win alongside with them!


During a recent stream from one of the most popular League of Legends player, Doublelift explained his reasons why the scenario on League weights a lot more difficulty to play after being questioned about its debate with Dota 2.


“I’d say Dota has more to learn than League when it comes to build diversity, champion pool diversity, and map plays, but mechanically no.” he said.


“There’s a zero percent chance Dota has more mechanical skill ceiling than League.”


He finds that turn speeds, built-in lag, lack of skillshots, dashes, and abilities what separates Dota to follow League’s gameplay. Despite having more buttons in playing Dota, it doesn’t require much of the mechanical side in comparison to League yet he added that Dota requires a different set of skills to embody.


One of Dota 2 players from OG, Johan Sundstein or mostly known as “N0tail” responded to Doublelift’s insights about his take via Twitter with a first liner joke behind the lines by “I too went into my first and only league games and shitstomped them” as he referred to Doublelift with his eight years of playing Dota claimed he outsmarted every game he had as he stated “shitstomped every pub he went into.”


N0tail has his follow up questions from the tweet regarding League with “Realtalk though,

If on average pro games have 4-5 kills in 30 minutes, what are the critical objectives?

Is it like a mega extended laning phase where it’s all about last hits / harras?”


Thus following another tweet saying, “An idea:

@Ceb_dota and I meet up with two achieved and well spoken LoL players, discuss the pros and cons of each our respective scenes. Follow-up that with an in depth discussion on our games differences. Obviously both games are great, curious to which aspects are harder”


The League player star Doublelift has not yet responded to N0tail’s tweet as far as we know.


With the two games of the same genre still longing up to date of its rivalry which game is the best, it’s sure to be interesting to know from both sides of Dota 2 and League of Legends pro players especially at this point with a lot of changes from their respective updates. No matter what would be the conclusion of this debate, it would all depend on each player’s preference whichever game they feel more challenging and where they feel playing at their best.


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