12BET News: What’s new on The Outlanders Update of Dota 2

The brand new 7.23 patch update just arrived right around the corner this fall of 2019 after months of waiting with excitement from certain sneak previews about the newest heroes, now is the time for every player to enjoy the rest of the Outlanders update with its bag of modifications and new additions to the gameplay, come and see 12BET eSports and see top players how they take action on the new scenery and win together at the same time!

New Heroes

Two big names are on the headlines certainly to last in the coming days with Void Spirit and Snapfire as the new inclusion from the collection of heroes.

Void Spirit is now the third intelligence type of melee hero alongside with Dark Seer and Ogre Magi. With the skills he possesses gives a better fit as a carry for its role. From the brotherhood of the other spirit heroes, Void Spirit also produces remnants that pull enemies that pass through its line of sight for a short duration. Together with its ability to hide from the map in a short period going into one of his portals to go in or out of combat can be used by players in a very tactical way makes this hero dangerous. While his third skill creates a shield for damage absorption, it also deals with damage dramatically with the number of nearby enemy heroes as it explodes. Lastly, his ultimate in a swift motion striking in a straight fashion dealing damage with slowing its target has a follow up that pierce spell immunity. This new hero is highly capable of disabling and nuking within the map.

Snapfire, on the other hand, stands as the third strength type of ranged hero in which a support utility is its most probable role for a group contributing a lot of ways from dealing damage blasting out barrages from her dragon-toad and have its foes stunned wherever it lands.

Aghanim’s Upgrades

With the style of heroes obtaining the scepter, it does add a lot of fun to see for now, Sven’s ultimate charging right onto you in God mode? Being Shapeshifted into a wolf as well with a bite by Lycan? How about Chaos Knight with its ultimate creating illusions of all his allies? A lot more improved on selected heroes with the scepter upgrade, and a real game changer to see on your battles.

Major Gameplay Changes

Map control has been almost the biggest factor when two teams compete to get their victory, and with the update gives a whole new perspective on how players will outsmart the other.

Couriers got themselves improved from how they’ll be utilized with everybody having their own, levels up together with your hero and gains its upgrades as well and the ability in placing wards on a specific mark. Observer Wards can be claimed for free, giving more magnification on the role of supports and the map vision for everyone.

Side shops had been removed from the game replacing it with neutral outposts, and the secret shops are also gone, replaced by outposts waiting for teams to be captured for their map vision. Neutrals are dropping items now in which cannot be sold in exchange for gold, items dropped can only be shared around the team to use for their own advantage.

Outside the Rosh pit got improved with a larger area giving it an easier place for team fights.

The maximum level for players to reach increased from 25 to 30, making it able to reach the full potential of their heroes’ talent tree.

These major changes are the most notable to checkout for this update as we need to explore more with the changes in-game and get ourselves play into the game for us to experience and share with you.

There are a lot more improvements added for this Outlanders update, might as well play into the game and check 12BET with live teams playing to gain your knowledge and win with big returns at the same time!