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A week without sports: How virtual sports and online casino help us cope with the “Era of No Sports”

The impact of the global pandemic is felt by most sporting enthusiasts as several sporting events both domestic and international are either called-off or cancelled. It has been weeks of having no major sports league, or none at all, airing in both local and international TV.  At the time of writing, over 330,000 people worldwide are infected by COVID-19 and killed nearly 15,000.

With the virus remain uncontainable, sporting events was crippled. Previously, all five of Europe’s top domestic soccer leagues – Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain0, Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France) and Bundesliga (Germany) – are halted as the World Health Organization (WHO)have recently declared that Europe is the new epicentre of the virus. NBA recently postponed the whole season indefinitely.

Other notable sporting events halted due to the pandemic include, Dutch, Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix Formula one with the new season to commence on June 7 as the earliest. The Indian Premier League (IPL) also postponed the start of the new season. Just last weekend, UEFA have already postponed the Euro 2020 followed by CONMEBOL’s announcement of postponing Copa America.

Era of No Sports, a news outlet called it, coping and adjusting to the sportsless days is a bit hard. Sunday night football action or Wednesday night NBA games has been a habit for most sports enthusiast and it’s not easy to let go of that habit unless there is really no choice like what is happening right now. That is when virtual sports kick-in.

Many people have tuned in to a lot of virtual sports after weeks of having no sports on air. One interesting example is an esport Formula 1 race with professional drivers and gamers are engaged. It attracted “350,000 viewers across all streams on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook not including all of Sky Sports” according to reports.

Missing NBA? You may actually continue the season on your own through the NBA 2K simulation. There are also tournaments online that you may join, while waiting for the actual sporting events. Another worthwhile virtual activity, while waiting for sporting events to resume, is online casinos that will definitely entertain you and produce cash prizes for you to enjoy.

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